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Committees / Subcommittees


1.Research Activities
There are special research committees and a standing research committee relating to our research activities.
  • Research Planning Committee: A standing research committee and is always active in seeking new research subjects.
  • Research Committee on Chemical Kinetics Analysis of Spring Steel Decarburization: One of special research committees and its main objective is to obtain a prediction formula for decarburization speed of spring steel.
  • Research Committee on Evaluation of Delayed Fracture Properties in Spring Steels (2nd Stage): One of special research committees and its main objective is to develop guidelines for proposing a testing method of delayed fracture of suspension coil springs.
  • Research Committee on Fatigue Strength Diagrams of Helical Compression Springs: The main objective is to construct a fatigue strength diagram that can be used as a design material of a helical compression springs.
  • Research Committee on Fracture Surface Analysis of Springs etc.: The main purpose of this research committee is to advance the basic knowledge of engineers engaged in the spring industry about the fracture and fracture surface analysis of springs and other metallic parts by collecting past examples and studying them.
  • Study Session on Spring Steels including Stainless Steel Wire: The main purpose of this study session is to provide our members an opportunity to learn spring steels with a focus on stainless steel by reviewing the fatigue of low temperature annealed steels, the shape variation of coil springs before and after coiling process, modulus of rigidity (G) and the shape variation of coil springs before and after stress relieve process, etc.
2.Event Activities
Conferences, seminars and workshops are being held on a regular basis. Each activity is planned by its operating committee.
  • Event Planning Committee: The main roles of this committee are to develop an annual schedule of events and to find out candidates for the special topic lecture at a semiannual lecture meeting.
  • Regular Events Committee: This committee makes a plan for and operates a semiannual lecture meeting, reception and the annual general meeting.
  • Operation Committee of Informative Gathering: An informative gathering to discuss fundamental and/or advanced technologies on springs and related products is held once a year. This committee makes a plan for and operates the gathering.
  • Technology Exchange Meeting for Young Engineers: The main purpose of this once a year meeting is to provide a place for study and interaction in order to raise the next generation of young and active engineers. Overseas events are being planned as well.
  • Operation Committee of Basic Technology Seminar: The main purpose of this once a year seminar is to foster novice engineers through practical training and lectures on the basic technologies of springs and related products. This committee makes a plan for and operates the seminar.
  • Operation Committee of Manufacturing Seminar: This committee plans a once a year seminar that offers a chance to study basic technologies of spring manufacturing and/or related technologies to small business managers and people involved in manufacturing.
  • Promotion Committee for Internationalization: This committee is in charge of promoting internationalization of JSSE, overseas public relations and response to inquiries from abroad.
  • Committee for Selecting Spring Technological Heritage: The main jobs of this committee are to ask for information about historical machines and books that made a significant contribution to the development of spring industry, to select the machines or books that are worthy to be honored as Spring Technological Heritage and to publish them to JSSE members in the hope that learning developing history will lead to further development.
3.Publishing Activities
There are three standing committees that handle publishing activities.
  • Editorial Committee for Transactions of JSSE: Transactions of JSSE is annually published by this committee. It contains papers from members and collaborative research reports.
  • Editorial Committee for Monthly Bulletin: JSSE Monthly Bulletin has been published by this committee since 1971. It covers event schedules, committee activities, a summary of seminar papers, informative tips, etc. and plays an important role in keeping members up to date on JSSE activities.
  • IT System Committee: The main roles of this committee are to promote computerization of information, such as JSSE activities, information about spring and spring related technologies, and publications, and to make the computerized information widely known by E-mail or Website.


One subcommittee, Application of Restoring Force, has been established and it holds a lecture meeting that covers application of springs and/or restoring force twice a year, in hopes that spring engineers and researchers will be able to share a broad range of knowledge and to seek new application technologies.
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